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Seasonal Decorating

Projects and ideas for enjoying the season...whatever it is!

Fall Apple Table Setting
Fall Apple Table Setting

Collecting is my passion. I collect all sorts of things, and I enjoy displaying my collections as the seasons change. This fall, I've done my dining table in an "apple" theme: apple plates and mugs, apple salt & peppers, apple creamer, a cornucopia with apples and fruit, and a "baked apple" candle to finish it off.
Displaying your accessories as collections can often help you get past a creative slump. Can't think of what to put on your table? Think about the things you have that are similar. It's always a good place to start.

Fall wreath with grapes and leaves
Fall wreath with mixed leaves, berries and grapes

Fall collections displayed in the sideboard
Collections on the sideboard

China and ceramics are my two favorite collectibles, and I especially love them when they tie into a season. For the sideboard, I did three groupings of things that say "autumn" to me.
On the left is a collection based on theme: roosters. This started with the teapot and grew to include a pitcher and plates.
On the right is a collection based on color: yellows and oranges. None of these pieces match, but the colors and style pull them together.
On top is a collection based on theme AND color. The large pieces are all "edibles" - fruit, grapes and asparagus. The small pieces all connect with the green of the asparagus. The three groupings complement each other and are connected by the bowl of fruit in the middle, which pulls it all together with color. If these pieces were randomly placed, the impact wouldn't be there.